Give An Animal!

Give a goat, share a sheep, spread the buzz about bees … you get the idea. Animals change lives for good, and YOU have the power to share these life-changers with a family in need today! ADRA’s gift catalog puts giving in your hands so take action and share an animal gift!

In The Field

baby goat at petting zoo

Thanks to a “Goats for Widows” project in the 2008 edition of ADRA’s Really Useful Gift Catalog, these Rwandan widows received goats. The goats provide fertilizer for their gardens, and will be bred and sold to generate income. They care for the goats cooperatively, and working as a group has given them a new outlook on life.



The milk from the goats will provide a source of food and income and get their farm growing—no kidding! Learn More >


GIFT 2 - fish

Fish can turn a whole community around. Families who receive this gift see an increase in both health and income. Teaching people to fish feeds them for a lifetime! Learn More >


A hen with white feather

Families in Honduras have little food and even less money. Your gift of a chicken can solve both problems. The family will eat and sell the eggs and use the manure to grow healthy vegetables. Learn More >

Why Animals Matter

Bleet, cluck, baa, and buzz – sounds like success to us! Giving the gift of a goat (or chicken, sheep, or bee) is a great way to change lives. These animals give nutrition through their milk, eggs, and honey, plus they give income when their products and offspring are sold. Give a fuzzy, feathered, or winged gift and deliver a successful future today!