Give To Children

We support vulnerable children at all levels of their growth by improving access to education, training teachers and caregivers, and helping families afford school fees and supplies. In urban areas, we help children and youth reach their potential through school and after-school programs. Globally, we have established centers for children without a family where their emotional and physical needs are met and their futures nurtured.

In The Field

Many children in rural Madagascar suffer from malnutrition and stunting growth. Often, mothers simply don’t know what type of nutritious foods to give their underweight children. Our goal is to improve the health of children by educating mothers and entire communities on the importance of nutrition.

Keep Girls Safe


Stop young girls in Thailand from being sold into slavery and exploitation. The Keep Girls Safe program provides girls with a safe house, an education, and job training. Learn More >


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Ensure that more kids have access and opportunity to be protected from deadly diseases like polio, tetanus, and measles.. Learn More >

Home For Orphans


Tragedy has left thousands of children with no one to care for them. The sparkle of their childhood has all but died out. They might have lost their parents… Learn More >

Why Children Matter

A child’s smile is one of the most heartwarming things on earth, isn’t it? Imagine a life that gave a child no reason to smile. Millions are living lives like this – extreme poverty steals joy and lack of education steals a child’s chance for a bright future. Help us put more smiles on more little faces today. You will love the feeling you get from doing it. Promise!