Give Life-saving Food

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, But if you teach a man to fish, he will feed his family for generations! This is what we are doing at ADRA, educating on the ground and empowering locals with the tools to live! ADRA’s food gifts provide Gardens, Seeds, and other tools that feed families today and build communities for tomorrow! Give today to make a difference for generations!

Make A Difference

Around the world, ADRA programs are saving lives and giving families access to reliable sources of nutritious food. Whether it’s through emergency feeding or teaching farmers techniques to improve crop yields, ADRA is ensuring that families have the food security they need to thrive.

Feed Hungry Children


Our gift isn’t just food to fill a stomach. It’s food that will fill a life. Thanks to you, children will have the opportunity to achieve the amazing things God created them for. Learn More >

Stoves For Schools


What if you could provide a more efficient, eco-friendly way of feeding thousands of kids? Good news—you can do just that with these improved stoves!. Learn More >

Home Gardens

A young Cambodian woman kneels in her lush kitchen garden to harvest some fresh greens.

How do you grow food when it never rains, the soil is poor, and no one has the skills or equipment to keep a garden going? Install a low-cost, ultra-water-efficient, and easy to manage 10-bag drip irrigation gardening kit—that’s how! Learn More >

Why Food Matters

Success sometimes comes from dirty hands and sprouting seeds. Planting a garden is simple, but can fill empty tummies and lift a family out of poverty. Provide the seeds, tools, and other resources through a food gift today!