Adriele Silva

Outdoor Ambassador, ADRA Connections

Brazilian athlete Adriele Silva, 31, will be the first female double amputee to complete the legendary New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 4th. Although she has faced many difficulties, she is not about to let this challenge get in her way.

“I hope to inspire people when they see me run and challenge them to go after things that seem unachievable,” says Adriele.

As Outdoor Ambassador for ADRA Connections, Adriele is running not only to push the limits of what’s possible, but to create new opportunities for many children whose lives are limited by lack of access to education and poor living conditions.    

In July 2019, ADRA Connections will build an entire school in a rural community in the highlands of Peru near Cusco so that many vulnerable children can learn, growth up healthy, and thrive! Join Adriele and give generously!

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Help Adriele Reach Her Goal!


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Adriele will be the first female double amputee to complete the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 4.

Help her reach her goal!

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“When I face a challenge, I look for ways to overcome it.

I see the possibilities and that keeps me going.”

Adriele’s Story

In 2012, Adriele Silva was focused on finishing her university studies in her hometown of Jundiai, outside of São Paulo, Brazil. That year, at age 25, her world came crashing down when severe pain forced her to go to the hospital. After receiving pain medications, she was sent home. With her condition worsening overnight, she returned to the hospital the next day to find out that her problem was serious—a kidney stone had clogged her urinary tract and had resulted in an infection.

Within hours, Adriele was put in an induced coma that lasted 20 days. Meanwhile, the infection led to a lack of blood circulation in her legs. To save her life, doctors had to amputate her legs.

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