Give Water

Water is a basic human need, yet 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water. Frequently, accessible water is contaminated, infecting people with waterborne diseases responsible for 1.5 million deaths a year. Children are the most vulnerable: 90 percent of deaths caused by diarrheal disease are of children under the age of 5.

In The Field

Many remote countrysides around the world lack access to consistent clean water. This takes students, women, and children out of school in order to carry water jugs great distances. With new wells being drilled near schools, the students can stay in the classrooms and learn for a lifetime.



A well, dug in just the right place, provides clean drinking water for children, allowing them to get an education. It also keeps them healthy and safe. Learn More >



Want to change people’s lives but can’t decide how? Send a Love Gift. Your Love Gift will help people in the worst situations. Learn More >

Behind The Scenes

Water Behind The Scenes

Sweat stings my eyes. I blink to clear my vision, my foot strikes a root and I stumble. Somewhere behind me, a chuckle, politely muffled. How much further? I wonder. Learn More >

Why Water Matters

We have been addressing these issues for 30 years, installing filters that clean contaminated water, digging wells, and installing water pipes where water is available yet inaccessible. Our initiatives also educate communities about sanitation and the fatal danger of waterborne diseases.