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Women’s Microcredit

A tiny loan can make a huge difference for a woman who wants to create a business to support her family. Marguerita was able to buy a boat so she could harvest plants that grow in the middle of Lake Titicaca. The three-hour rowing trip, which is much more dangerous on a raft, provides the source material for sleeping mats she creates and sells. This business allows her to provide food and a home for her family.

Your gift blesses not only mothers like Marguerita, but their extended families who may also receive help from these industrious women.


Open defecation (that is, going to the toilet where there is none) leads to the spread of life-altering and deadly diseases. Reducing the spread of these diseases is shockingly simple: a safe and hygienic toilet and simple sanitation facilities. Sadly, many families cannot afford these life-saving necessities. As a result, every day children die from easily preventable diseases, and even the days they miss from school can impact them for years to come.

You can provide vital hygiene with simple sanitation facilities to help keep children and their families safe and healthy.

Equip a Student

A love of learning is life-changing. It can turn dreams into reality and end poverty for entire families. But disadvantage or disaster robs children of the basics they need to love school, or even get there in the first place.

Your gift can provide a student with a backpack full of essentials that will inspire and encourage them toward a life-changing love of learning.

Equip a School

Schools should be a safe place of learning and growth. But without access to water, a hygienic toilet, and a place to sit and learn, many schools simply can’t provide the basics that every student deserves.

Under-resourced schools not only lead to a lower-quality education but can also increase the spread of disease due to poor sanitation. Providing a safe, comfortable place ensures as many children as possible can—and want to—come to school every day.

Your gift will supply young, eager students with the environment and tools they need to develop a love of learning.

Sanitary Supplies

A young girl picking tea leaves in India may spend all day in the fields without ever having access to a toilet. During her period, this can mean enduring hours of unsanitary conditions that lead to infections. Your gift can provide supplies and education to improve her health.

School on Wheels

Kids need to be in school…but Roma children are often not able to attend. So why don’t we take school to them? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with this school on wheels, reaching some of the most disadvantaged children in Serbia.

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