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Feed Hungry Children

Nazmieh is a 35-year-old single mother in Syria who saw no solution to her poverty.

“Seeing my four kids languishing because of starvation was extremely difficult,” she said. “But having no income to buy them food was even tougher. What was I going to sell from my half-empty, destroyed house? How was I going to tell my kids we only had breadcrumbs to eat again today? My little daughter, Fatima, not surprisingly, became malnourished.

“One day, two young ladies visited me in what remained of my house. They asked questions about my family situation. At first, I was trying to look strong in front of them, but suddenly my tears fell. I felt ashamed of the life my children were forced to live.

“A few weeks later, I received my first food voucher. I am forever grateful for the transformation these vouchers have made in our lives, especially now that little Fatima is getting better!”