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Education That Fits

A child’s education can be interrupted for many reasons: government instability and a family’s nomadic lifestyle are just a few. Your gift can help the school come to them, offering a variety of life skills and creative lessons in reading, writing, mathematics, and more.

Solid Rain

As day after day goes by with no rain, thousands of farmers can do nothing as their crops wither and die. This means no food for their families and a devastating loss of income. Your gift can help provide a variety of options to help agricultural communities impacted by drought, from new products like “solid rain” to family water reservoirs.

School Gardens

Filling hungry minds is an easier job when the stomachs connected to them are full of healthy food. Your gift will help school kids start their own gardens…ensuring they have enough skills and food to fuel their journey toward a better future.

Plastic Bottles

Imagine if you could clean up a major city’s rubbish problem, encourage more recycling, and give 200 unemployed youth a job. You can, by helping set up a business that will create reusable bottles from waste collected in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

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